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Ye be a marked man...

I got a jar of dirt, and guess what’s inside it!

Jack Sparrow



19th April 2011

Character Name: (Captain) Jack Sparrow
Series: Pirates of the Caribbean
Age: Late 30's.
From When?:

Inmate/Warden: Warden. Yes, warden. You heard me right.

Abilities/Powers: TBA

Personality: TBA

Path to Redemption: N/A

History: TBA

Sample Journal Entry:

Sample RP:

Special Notes:

18th April 2011

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21st November 2006

TM - Topic #153: Sunrise


Sunrise. Or sunset. If I had to choose the part of the day I enjoyed the most, I'd be best choosing the rising of the sun.

As the sun rises, it not only starts the beginning of a grand new day for me to sail the sea, it allows me to see where it is that I'm traveling to. One of a captain's best friends is the light ahead of him, and without the warm glow of that light, ye only have the stars, and a compass too hard to see to guide you on your way in the dark. Need I mention the wondrous array of colors the sky shows, the beginning of that comforting warmth, and the comfort of knowing ye haven't ended up on some back of a giant whale wanting to swallow you whole.

Aye, the sunrise is a truly grand thing that every man, pirate or not, enjoys.

Word Count: 151

The moral of the story is...

I love stories. I love telling stories, especially of me own adventures, but when I hear a great story from one of me mates or some other pirate at Tortuga, there is always a fitting moral to be learned from one of these. But morals are like guidelines really. Ye have them, but ye don't necessarily have to use them.

And most men who sail under the Pirate Code are always changing the rules to better fit their lifestyle. They don't believe the morals told in the tales, cause that's just what they are; stories. But then so are mine, and they be real.

Perhaps then, morals are like rules. Yes, yes, of course they are rules, but more so than guidelines? Ah, but they're stories and nothing more. I do have me own set of morals, but if a story is jolly enough, then I might consider the moral of its story to be fitting.

Word Count: 156

TM - Topic #150: Tunnel

Crazy but Sane
Write a ficlette inspired by the setting or mood of this photo.

A sailor in every aspect, and less the land lover then he ever was, Jack was a man of seeking adventure at every corner of the great and wide seas. Sometimes this adventure led him to an unknown and tempting land where the great captain would have to step off his wooden palace and onto solid dirt. Spending weeks and even months without seeing land was something Jack was used to, but being on land was like being given a special treat. All great pirates themselves hid their treasure on land, but seldom few thought others would come across it.

When Jack had been told there was treasure nearby, he jumped onto that opportunity, obtained the map with many details unknown, and headed straight out to the land. It had been decades since anyone had returned to the Isle, so chances were rare that there'd be anyone else wanting that fortune. Arriving at the early hours of the morning, the beach itself soothing and warm, up ahead lay a blanket of trees that his crew and himself ventured into.

Arriving just minutes into the forest, Jack and crew came across a hill that'd been practically carved into with a short tunnel leading to the other side of some unknown land. Now Jack had seen his share of weird and magical things in this world, but a land long since visited with this sort of work was sending a mixture of curiosity and paranoia at the same time.

But fearful as he was with chances of meeting another skeletal pirate, Jack continued forward. Safely reaching the other end of the tunnel and once again checking his map, the big marking of the cross on his paper told him that the treasure had been buried some fifty feet away. Unfortunate for him, those fifty feet from where he stood had a hole in the ground as if someone had already been there before Captain Jack and was searching for the treasure themselves. Alas, there was no gold to be obtained that day, and a trip to an Island where civilization seemed to be advanced, sent chills down many of the mates spines.

Word Count: 358

TM - Topic #147: Summer

Write about a memory of summer.

Every summer it's always the warm Caribbean sun on me back and the cool ocean waves splashing against me ship as I sail across its horizon. Course nearly every day it be like that, but when the weather is warmer and the days are longer, everyone of me crew mates, including meself, are in better spirits.

I do seem to get into the most peculiar of situations however during these times. Though I spent an unpleasant time on an uncharted island, I did enjoy meself to a case of Rum, and was later picked up by the runners themselves. I was a God on the Isle of Pelegosto before they attempted to free me soul by having me for dinner, and me debt to Davy Jones ended abruptly as he sent his beastie pet to take back The Pearl.

Ah, but it's all in the adventure of being a Pirate. People will be talking of me and the stories for centuries to come. More famous than the dreaded Davy himself.

Word Count: 170

27th September 2006

Tell the truth about something you usually lie about.

I usually always tell the truth, but no one seems to be believing me, and when they finally realize I'm being honest with 'em, they can't believe their ears. As a pirate, it's expected that we lie to get what we want, and I am guilty of sharing a fair amount of fibs, but the majority of me time I ain't lying.

The women I come across on Tortuga, as lovely as the lot of them are, usually find out about me little lies the moment they hear of-- or encounter-- me leaving and share it upon themselves that I am not to be trusted. Ever. So whenever it is that I happen to be on the island once again, I am greeted to in the most proper of ways and thus never spoken to again.

I have lied about returning a boat in which I never did, and I have promised many times that'd I'd do a certain favor in exchange for something, but I'd hardly call that lying.

Word Count: 169

Have you ever rebelled? If you have, how did you do it?

Of all professions on the sea, a pirate's life is the life I choose for me. And 'tis a very rebellious one at that. Plundering, looting and living the life of a man who follows the pirate code of conduct only--which are just guidelines really-- is a rebel in the eyes of any man righteous. No man or woman be allowed to pirate or thus they be considered an enemy in the eyes of the British Navy and hung at the gallows for their treason.

But ye see, I'm not a man who likes making so many enemies in such a short amount of time-- regardless of my life style-- but given the choice of either adventure on the high seas with many enemies or the dead calm of a landlubber with no enemies, then I'd chose the adventure and face that there be many people who'd be wanting me dead.

Word Count: 150


If ye first mate decided to mutiny against ye, take control of the Black Pearl with all ye men, and then left ye marooned on an island with the choice of either starving to death or killing oneself, then you'd be sure I'd wanting to find my mate and take back what was rightfully mine. Ten years I waited for me chance, all the while hearing stories that me Pearl had been cursed with undead men; their bodies like that of skeletons and no matter what ye did to them, they always lived. 'Twas enough to drive even the strongest of men to their quarters shaking they said.

Course these were just stories. No man could become what these storytellers were saying, but me mind had always wondered. The seas hold many strange tales, I on account witnessing many of them to be real, and If Barbosa had truly cursed himself, then it was justice already taking its course for me.

But I was not satisfied with these tales and what had become of them. I wanted to be that captain everyone was talking about and I wanted me ship back. Captain Jack Sparrow; The most famous pirate in all the seven seas. Sounds like a title no one is to be forgetting about.

Word Count: 213

5th September 2006

What are your thoughts about monogamy?

'Tis not an option I particularly follow, but to those who do, I wish ye all the best. 'Tis a difficult and endearing struggle a man must go through in order to keep his love constrained to just one lady all his life, and I am not one of those honest fellows. I'm a man of the seas, traveling from port to port, and dock just long enough to spend the night with a lady-- or ladies-- of me choice that evening. Rarely, if ever, would I see her face again, but if I did, and God Forbid I don't, I wouldn't expect her of wanting to be me bride, let alone a friendly face.

Young Will is one of those men who'd held off temptation for as long as he did, and in all honesty, I can see why he's held off. He's got Elizabeth. Beautiful Ms. Swann of Port Royal, who is as daring and courageous as any pirate I have ever met whilst sailing across the seven seas. She would make a most splendid pirate queen aboard The Black Pearl, and I can see it now; our hands in hand as we pillage towns, concur villages, and discover new treasure all whilst dancing amongst the riches to be the greatest pirates to have ever lived. But alas, she is not wanting that adventure so soon.

And I, Captain Jack Sparrow, would be so generous as to offer me hand in marriage to such a creature. To be settling down and devoting me love to the one and only woman I saw fit enough to be a part of me crew; me wife. If only Elizabeth would give in and take that offer, because I know she's desperately wanting it.

Word Count: 292

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