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TM - Topic #147: Summer

Write about a memory of summer.

Every summer it's always the warm Caribbean sun on me back and the cool ocean waves splashing against me ship as I sail across its horizon. Course nearly every day it be like that, but when the weather is warmer and the days are longer, everyone of me crew mates, including meself, are in better spirits.

I do seem to get into the most peculiar of situations however during these times. Though I spent an unpleasant time on an uncharted island, I did enjoy meself to a case of Rum, and was later picked up by the runners themselves. I was a God on the Isle of Pelegosto before they attempted to free me soul by having me for dinner, and me debt to Davy Jones ended abruptly as he sent his beastie pet to take back The Pearl.

Ah, but it's all in the adventure of being a Pirate. People will be talking of me and the stories for centuries to come. More famous than the dreaded Davy himself.

Word Count: 170

Tags: theatrical muse
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