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TM - Topic #150: Tunnel

Write a ficlette inspired by the setting or mood of this photo.

A sailor in every aspect, and less the land lover then he ever was, Jack was a man of seeking adventure at every corner of the great and wide seas. Sometimes this adventure led him to an unknown and tempting land where the great captain would have to step off his wooden palace and onto solid dirt. Spending weeks and even months without seeing land was something Jack was used to, but being on land was like being given a special treat. All great pirates themselves hid their treasure on land, but seldom few thought others would come across it.

When Jack had been told there was treasure nearby, he jumped onto that opportunity, obtained the map with many details unknown, and headed straight out to the land. It had been decades since anyone had returned to the Isle, so chances were rare that there'd be anyone else wanting that fortune. Arriving at the early hours of the morning, the beach itself soothing and warm, up ahead lay a blanket of trees that his crew and himself ventured into.

Arriving just minutes into the forest, Jack and crew came across a hill that'd been practically carved into with a short tunnel leading to the other side of some unknown land. Now Jack had seen his share of weird and magical things in this world, but a land long since visited with this sort of work was sending a mixture of curiosity and paranoia at the same time.

But fearful as he was with chances of meeting another skeletal pirate, Jack continued forward. Safely reaching the other end of the tunnel and once again checking his map, the big marking of the cross on his paper told him that the treasure had been buried some fifty feet away. Unfortunate for him, those fifty feet from where he stood had a hole in the ground as if someone had already been there before Captain Jack and was searching for the treasure themselves. Alas, there was no gold to be obtained that day, and a trip to an Island where civilization seemed to be advanced, sent chills down many of the mates spines.

Word Count: 358

Tags: theatrical muse
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