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TM - Topic #153: Sunrise


Sunrise. Or sunset. If I had to choose the part of the day I enjoyed the most, I'd be best choosing the rising of the sun.

As the sun rises, it not only starts the beginning of a grand new day for me to sail the sea, it allows me to see where it is that I'm traveling to. One of a captain's best friends is the light ahead of him, and without the warm glow of that light, ye only have the stars, and a compass too hard to see to guide you on your way in the dark. Need I mention the wondrous array of colors the sky shows, the beginning of that comforting warmth, and the comfort of knowing ye haven't ended up on some back of a giant whale wanting to swallow you whole.

Aye, the sunrise is a truly grand thing that every man, pirate or not, enjoys.

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