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TM - Topic #143: Revenge


If ye first mate decided to mutiny against ye, take control of the Black Pearl with all ye men, and then left ye marooned on an island with the choice of either starving to death or killing oneself, then you'd be sure I'd wanting to find my mate and take back what was rightfully mine. Ten years I waited for me chance, all the while hearing stories that me Pearl had been cursed with undead men; their bodies like that of skeletons and no matter what ye did to them, they always lived. 'Twas enough to drive even the strongest of men to their quarters shaking they said.

Course these were just stories. No man could become what these storytellers were saying, but me mind had always wondered. The seas hold many strange tales, I on account witnessing many of them to be real, and If Barbosa had truly cursed himself, then it was justice already taking its course for me.

But I was not satisfied with these tales and what had become of them. I wanted to be that captain everyone was talking about and I wanted me ship back. Captain Jack Sparrow; The most famous pirate in all the seven seas. Sounds like a title no one is to be forgetting about.

Word Count: 213

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