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TM - Topic #144: Rebelled

Have you ever rebelled? If you have, how did you do it?

Of all professions on the sea, a pirate's life is the life I choose for me. And 'tis a very rebellious one at that. Plundering, looting and living the life of a man who follows the pirate code of conduct only--which are just guidelines really-- is a rebel in the eyes of any man righteous. No man or woman be allowed to pirate or thus they be considered an enemy in the eyes of the British Navy and hung at the gallows for their treason.

But ye see, I'm not a man who likes making so many enemies in such a short amount of time-- regardless of my life style-- but given the choice of either adventure on the high seas with many enemies or the dead calm of a landlubber with no enemies, then I'd chose the adventure and face that there be many people who'd be wanting me dead.

Word Count: 150

Tags: theatrical muse
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