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TM - Topic #145: Tell the Truth

Tell the truth about something you usually lie about.

I usually always tell the truth, but no one seems to be believing me, and when they finally realize I'm being honest with 'em, they can't believe their ears. As a pirate, it's expected that we lie to get what we want, and I am guilty of sharing a fair amount of fibs, but the majority of me time I ain't lying.

The women I come across on Tortuga, as lovely as the lot of them are, usually find out about me little lies the moment they hear of-- or encounter-- me leaving and share it upon themselves that I am not to be trusted. Ever. So whenever it is that I happen to be on the island once again, I am greeted to in the most proper of ways and thus never spoken to again.

I have lied about returning a boat in which I never did, and I have promised many times that'd I'd do a certain favor in exchange for something, but I'd hardly call that lying.

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Tags: theatrical muse
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