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TM - Topic #142: Monogamy

What are your thoughts about monogamy?

'Tis not an option I particularly follow, but to those who do, I wish ye all the best. 'Tis a difficult and endearing struggle a man must go through in order to keep his love constrained to just one lady all his life, and I am not one of those honest fellows. I'm a man of the seas, traveling from port to port, and dock just long enough to spend the night with a lady-- or ladies-- of me choice that evening. Rarely, if ever, would I see her face again, but if I did, and God Forbid I don't, I wouldn't expect her of wanting to be me bride, let alone a friendly face.

Young Will is one of those men who'd held off temptation for as long as he did, and in all honesty, I can see why he's held off. He's got Elizabeth. Beautiful Ms. Swann of Port Royal, who is as daring and courageous as any pirate I have ever met whilst sailing across the seven seas. She would make a most splendid pirate queen aboard The Black Pearl, and I can see it now; our hands in hand as we pillage towns, concur villages, and discover new treasure all whilst dancing amongst the riches to be the greatest pirates to have ever lived. But alas, she is not wanting that adventure so soon.

And I, Captain Jack Sparrow, would be so generous as to offer me hand in marriage to such a creature. To be settling down and devoting me love to the one and only woman I saw fit enough to be a part of me crew; me wife. If only Elizabeth would give in and take that offer, because I know she's desperately wanting it.

Word Count: 292

Tags: theatrical muse
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